About Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been called “Asia’s World City” and is a true meeting place of Chinese culture with international influences. Famous not only for its beautiful harbour, modern architecture and culinary delights, this vibrant, cosmopolitan city is famous as a shopper’s paradise. Hong Kong is a uniquely captivating place that is a favourite destination for tourists from around the world.

  Main Attractions

Visiting Hong Kong is a unique experience of fun, excitement, and satisfaction. Hong Kong is not just an international city. The beauties and exotics of east and west are intimately intertwined in the most common aspects: the food, the cityscape, the shops, the lifestyle, and even the street signs.


Over 10,000 locations providing the largest array of cuisines from all over the world, and the only problem is eating too much.

  Great Outdoor

Great mountain trails and sandy beaches are so close to the urban area that you cannot miss the opportunity to experience the green space of Hong Kong.