Programme Details

Track 1: Pedagogy, Learning Experience and Learning Engagement in Blended Learning

Chair: Prof. Ivan LAI
Venue: Room A320-1
Time: Jan 9 (Tue) 3:45 pm -- 5:25 pm

In-game Card as Educational Reward (ICER) Moodle Plug-in: A Pilot Study
Rita KUO, Maiga CHANG, Cheng-Li CHEN
Clinical Skills Training and Learning in Hybrid Way
Feng QIU
Empirical Research on Co-construction of Core Practices
Jianglian LI, Xiaodong XU
Design and Implementation of Blended Learning for the Undergraduate Course “Education and Artificial Intelligence”
Jiyou JIA
Instructional Design of Applied Disciplines based on CSCL and SaaS Teaching Platform - Take the Subject of International Logistics Management as an Example
Shuang WANG

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Track 2: Gamification, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Teaching and Learning

Chair: Prof. Chung Keung POON
Venue: Room A320-2
Time: Jan 9 (Tue) 3:45 pm -- 5:25 pm

Game-based Vocabulary Learning in Hong Kong: Students’ Perceptions, Attitudes and Expectations of a Game-mediated Vocabulary Learning APP
Lucas KOHNKE, Di ZOU, Fu Lee WANG, Haoran XIE
An Effective Way of Learning Liberal Studies via Virtual Reality
Jeff K.T. TANG, Sui Chi KWAN, Anthony KONG, Wai-Man PANG
Engaging Learners in a Flipped Information Science Course with Gamification: A Quasi-Experimental Study
Biyun HUANG, Khe Foon HEW, Peter WARNING
A Virtual Clinical Learning Environment for Nurse Training
Sin-Chun NG, Lap-Kei LEE, Andrew K. LUI, Ka-Fai WONG, Wan-Yee CHAN, Hiu-Hin TAM
Research on Facilitate Teachers’ Professional Development through Experts into Classrooms Project
Li ZHAO, Xiaodong XU

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Track 3: Mobile Learning and Ubiquitous Learning

Chair: Dr. Simon K. S. CHEUNG
Venue: Room A320-1
Time: Jan 10 (Wed) 10:30 am -- 12:30 pm

Impacts of an Introducing Reality-based Guiding Strategy on Students’ Learning Achievement and Motivation in Conducting Scientific Tasks
Shao-Chen CHANG, Gwo-Jen HWANG
A Study on the Pattern and Trend of Students’ Typical Usage of Mobile Devices in Learning Activities
The Acceptance of “Flash Class” – Mobile Mini-lessons through WeChat
Ting YANG, Hao ZHONG, Qingmin MOK, Ivan Ka-Wai LAI, Kwan-Keung NG
Wine Appreciation Apps: Tools for Mobile Learning and Ubiquitous Learning
Kenneth Shiu-Pong NG, Ivan Ka-Wai LAI, Kwan-Keung NG
An Android App for Preparation of Hong Kong Driving Test
Wai-Shing HO, Jacky C. K. CHAN, Yin Chun PUN, Hiu Fung SO, Jeff K. T. TANG, Wai-Man PANG
Computer Game-Based Foreign Language Learning: Its Benefits and Limitations
Blanka KLIMOVA, Jaroslav KACETL

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Track 4: Issues in E-Learning: Environment, Assessment and Learning Analytics

Chair: Prof. Philips WANG
Venue: Room A320-2
Time: Jan 10 (Wed) 10:30 am -- 12:30 pm

Preparing for Examination: an Extended Implementation of a Generator that Uses the Same Questions to Form Tests
Doru Anastasiu POPESCU, Daniel NIJLOVEANU, Nicolae BOLD
The Evolution of Continuing Professional Development in the Accountancy Profession in Hong Kong: Towards an E-learning Mode
Billy Tak-Ming WONG, Kam Cheong LI, Beryl Yuen-Yee WONG, Joseph Shiu-Wing YAU
Learning Analytics in Higher Education Institutions in Asia
Kam Cheong LI, Carmen Jiawen YE, Billy Tak-Ming WONG
Implementation of a Web-based Course Evaluation in Clinical School – A Pilot Study
Xuan HE
Using Tablet Computers in Robot Class Promotes Formative Assessment: An Experience from A Primary School in Beijing
Sijie MA, Hui REN
Personalizing the Blended Learning Experience in Vocational Education
Bo Luen LEE

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Track 5: Blended Learning in Practice: Language Learning

Chair: Dr. Kam Cheong LI
Venue: Room A320-1
Time: Jan 10 (Wed) 3:30 pm -- 5:30 pm

A Study in Introducing Adolescent Students to Simple Programming Skills using an Online Games Editor
Theodor WYELD, Minoru NAKAYAM
Effectiveness of Multimedia Annotations on Vocabulary Acquisition: The Technique Feature Analysis on Trial
Di ZOU, Fu Lee WANG, Reggie KWAN, Haoran XIE
A Mind-Set Changing Project: Preparing Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) Teachers with Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and E-pedagogies
Ricky Yuk-kwan NG, Rechell Yee-shun LAM
Automatic Correction of Definite Article Redundancy Error in the English Compositions of College Students
Teaching College English to Large Classes with Multi-mode Blended Learning
Zexuan CHEN
The Analysis of Timeout Behaviors in Online Tests
Huixiao LE, Jiyou JIA

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Track 6: Flipped Classroom and Using Social Media in Teaching and Learning

Chair: Dr. Jeanne LAM
Venue: Room A320-2
Time: Jan 10 (Wed) 3:30 pm -- 5:30 pm

Effects of Integrating a Concept Mapping-based Summarization Strategy into Flipped learning on Students' Learning Performances in Reading Comprehension
Gwo-Jen HWANG, Mei-Rong Alice CHEN, Meng-Hsuan LIN, Han-Yu SUNG
Can Entrustable Professional Activities Drive Learning: What We Can Learn from the Jesuits
Spencer H. L. WAN
Perceived Online Learning Environment and Students’ Learning Performance in Higher Education: Mediating Role of Student Engagement
Zhang TAO, Bin ZHANG, Ivan Ka-wai LAI
Designing and Evaluating Postgraduate Courses Based on a 5E-Flipped Classroom Model: A Two-case Mixed-method Study
Khe Foon HEW, Yanzhen ZHU, Chung Kwan LO
Study on the Future Classroom
Instructional Design of Multimedia Courseware Design and Production Based on Flipped Classroom in Universities - Take the Trigger as an Example

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Track 7: Massive Open Online Courses and Online Educational Resources

Chair: Dr. Steven NG
Venue: Room A320-1
Time: Jan 11 (Thu) 9:00 am -- 10:30 am

An Interactive E-book Approach to Improve Students’ Performances in Learning Classical Chinese Articles
Gwo-Jen HWANG, Han-Yu SUNG, Wen-Shiou LIOU
An Exploration on the Regional Sharing Mechanism for High-quality Online Teaching Resources of Colleges and Universities in the Internet Era
Xiao-yan SU, Cong-dong LI, Ivan Ka-wai LAI
Integration of MOOCs with Flipped Classroom Teaching: An Empirical Study of Tourism English Course
Weiyuan ZHANG, Qingsong XIE
The Effectiveness of MOOC for Teacher Professional Development: Requirement, Design and Implement
Shufang LUO

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Track 8: Learning Systems and Educational Administration through Technology

Chair: Dr. Will MA
Venue: Room A320-2
Time: Jan 11 (Thu) 9:00 am -- 10:30 am

An Application of NFC Technology on Class Attendance Systems
Sasivimon SUKAPHAT, Wachirawit CHAIPUVAPHAT, Suphisra KETSUTHI, Sathinee PAISOPA, Sirinoot TEANRUNGROJ
Detecting Emotions in Students’ Generated Content: An Evaluation of EmoTect System
Emmanuel Awuni KOLOG
The Acceptance of Using Open-Source Learning Platform (Moodle) for Learning in Hong Kong’s Higher Education
Ching-Hong LUK, Kwan-Keung NG, Wai-Ming LAM
Online eLearning System for Music Jamming
Joseph FONG, Kenneth WONG

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